ETEC 590: Graduating Project

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ETEC 590: Graduating Project (elective course)


In order to register in ETEC 590 you must have completed 8 courses in the program, inlcuding the 4 core courses. Any exceptions to this new policy must be approved by the Academic Advisor.


ETEC 590 is an elective in the MET program, designed for students who wish to meet the requirements of the Teacher Qualification Services in the Province of British Columbia for a "capstone research experience" in their program. This is a requirement for BC teachers who wish to qualify for salary category six.

While this course is required for BC K-12 teachers seeking to meet TQS requirements, ETEC 590 is open to any student in the MET program.

Students do not register for ETEC590 in the same manner as other ETEC courses. Instead, please send an email to David Roy requesting registration in this course. He will register you in it as soon as he has determined that you are eligible for it. More information will be posted about this course as it becomes available.

Since this is intended to be a culminating project or experience in the MET Program, it should be completed toward the end of the program after you have completed 8 courses, including the 4 core courses. ETEC 500 must be completed before enrolling in ETEC 590.

The Graduating Project should take the form of an e-portfolio. It should synthesize and apply knowledge and theories gained from courses taken in the MET program. It should meet the following criteria:

  • Be integrative, through requiring generation/application of ideas across courses.
  • Generate research findings and/or link theory/research to practice.
  • Demonstrate an individual’s learning.
  • Result in a concrete product that demonstrates linkages and applications.
  • Be of personal use to the student and considered educationally valuable by an audience of professional peers.


1. The student in consultation with the ETEC 590 instructor will decide on an appropriate project. While taking the form of an e-portfolio, the project may be:

  • A program portfolio that synthesizes what has been learned in the MET program and demonstrates the way learnings have informed practice. It should consist of approximately 5 folders/categories, for example, philosophy about technology in your practice, strategies for using technology in your practice, examples of technology projects and creations, etc.
  • A synthesis and critical analysis of literature and technology resources relevant to an issue or problem of practice in educational technology.
  • The reporting on a small research project in educational technology.
  • The production of multi-media materials to be used in an educational context.

2. Prepare a proposal not exceeding 1000 words and include: a statement of purpose or problem and why it is important, objectives or questions, key references or resources to be used, the procedure to be followed in achieving objectives or exploring questions, expected outcomes of project, time plan for completion, description of form in which project will be presented for assessment. The proposal will be read and approved by two faculty members who will also read and/or review and grade the final submission or product in the course.

3. Once the proposal is approved, proceed to carry out the plan. The project is assessed using criteria that are typical in university graduate programs: e.g., how well the stated purpose is achieved, clarity and organization, depth and quality of analysis, use of appropriate source materials, creativity and original contribution. Grading is pass/fail.