ETEC 590 Graduating Project

ETEC 590 draws on materials produced during earlier courses within the MET program (among other sources). Students considering this project course should maintain copies of the artifacts of their work throughout the program.


An elective course, ETEC 590 is an optional graduating project for students in the Master of Educational Technology (MET) program. Within this course, students will create an ePortfolio – a tool that will allow students to gather, analyze, and demonstrate their competencies, values and beliefs regarding technology integration.

This course meets the BC Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) “capstone experience” requirement for graduate programs. Students not affected by the TQS requirements are welcome and encouraged to participate in this course.

During the construction of the ePortfolio, students draw on a collection of artifacts, many produced during earlier courses within the MET program.  As you progress through the MET program, it will be important to keep copies of the tasks, products and discussions that you have worked on in other courses. You will draw on that repertoire as you select the artifacts for the ePortfolio.

The ePortfolio should meet the following criteria:

  • Be integrative, through requiring generation/application of ideas across courses;
  • Generate research findings and/or link theory/research to practice;
  • Demonstrate an individual’s learning;
  • Result in a concrete product that demonstrates linkages and applications;
  • Be of personal use to the student and considered educationally valuable by an audience of professional peers


As a culminating project within the MET program, ETEC 590 should be completed toward the end of your studies. Before registering into this course, students must complete at least five courses, including ETEC 500. Certificate students are not eligible to register into this course without transferring to the full Master’s program.

For more information on ETEC 590 and the ePortfolio, please see the course description.

What is an ePortfolio?

Visit the UBC website on ePortfolios where you can find examples, resources and some general “get started” information.